• $55.00

    On the FC3S RX-7's Mazda used a system that they called the Dynamic Tuned Suspension System (DTSS). DTSS allows the rear wheels to steer based on how much G force is being generated while cornering. When working correctly this helps improve maximum cornering abilities.

  • $40.00

    Replacement Busings for the balance shaft delete kit. Replacement bushings are needed when transferring the delete kit to another block. *NOTE: Once installed the bushings can not be removed.

  • $60.00

    CNC machined from 0.500" 6061-T6 aluminium.

  • $65.00

    Ecotec aluminium intake flange for the L61 (2.2L) engine. CNC milled from 0.500" 6061 aluminium for a perfect fit every time. Ideal for fabricating a custom intake manifold or individual throttle bodies. 


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